About KeyinKeyin Your Life

Speed, that is a theme
of modern era.

With one touch, you can order food to your home, and with one touch, you can shop almost anything sitting in your living room. Even more, numerous SNS opens up the world within your fingertips. But why is it that people feel lonelier and more left out in this futuristic modern society?

Our brand slogan “Keyin Your Life” started with a simple question. With all these openness, are we really free? Is openness the true answer for building a healthy society?

We believe that protecting the core personal privacy, space and time comes before openness. A true healthy society is when every member has their confided space, and then comes out to openness. People can focus more on outside world when they know for a fact that there is a place where they can always go back to.

Keyin is not just a
smart door lock company.

Yes, we begin with smart door lock, but that is just because the door is the most important tunnel connecting privacy to society. Keyin focuses on keeping people’s space and time, so they can truly focus on their social activities.

That is what ”Keyin Your Life” means. Keyin your life, be free of yourself, and jump into the real world where you truly belong.

What do you want to protect?
Your financial assets?
Your beloved family members?
Or your privacy?

A lock was fundamentally built to protect these values that you feel important.

Then what about digital door locks? Are these experiences familiar to you? Hiding a key to share it with your family members, or losing the key and staying outside in the cold waiting for other member of your family to comeback. Yes, these are the reasons the digital door lock was invented in the beginning.

Now, with digital door locks, there is no need to worry about the keys or even whether you locked the door on your way out. Digital door lock was truly an innovation, but that was 15 years ago. What happened after the invention? Nearly nothing, except different color or design. Innovation of digital door lock has been practically stopped for more than 10 years.

Locks of Keyin offers fundamental values of digital door locks as basics.

But time has passed and people have changed accordingly. There is no one client category anymore. With 10 clients, there are 10 demands. Some want their product to be sophisticated, some want it to be as simple as it can be.

“Provide the basics with the best quality, and offer diverse options to match individual needs.” This is the the fundamental building philosophy of Keyin.

So, we are thinking in the shoe of our users. What is the basics for them, and what additional values can we offer?
Security, firm locking, quality is unarguably the core basics of a lock.
But these basics need time and experience.

One reason a young startup is difficult to succeed in digitial door lock industry.
Keyin, however, is founded by specialists with average experience of 15 years in building digital door locks.
All members are core members of Gateman, the company that actually built the digital lock industry in Korea. We have been doing this for 15 years, we know what we are doing. Building basics with quality is what we do best.

But we go one step further; one more step into innovation by providing values that match the individuals.
This innovation will come in various areas: design, mechanism, user experience and so much more.
None of our locks will be the same as the mediocre products you see everyday in the market. Experience it, be a part of it, and Keyin your life.