IoT ServiceKeyin Smart Connection
Connect Space, Safety and People

The essence of a lock is locking it firmly. And also, ensuring nothing happens when I am away.
But still, is locking and opening the only value a lock can provide?

Keyin Smart Connection Service began to answer this question.
Download our Keyin app for free.
After a simple connection steps, your lock will provide a much upgraded experience.

Keyin Smart Connection works on the following smart phones
Bluetooth 4.0 or higher / Android 5.0 or higher / iPhone5 or higher / iOS 8.0 or higher

01Connect People

  • What happens if my home is intruded while I’m away?
  • Can I get alarms from parents and children living far away?
  • Can I know when my child gets back from school?

Keyin Smart Alarm

Are you worried about your home when you are away?
Keyin smartly monitors the lock for forced intrusion or fire emergencies.
All alarms are notified in real time by our Keyin app.

Are you worried with your old parents living far away?
Let them invite you to their Keyin app. You will be notified with their entrance activities.

That’s including your children. Smart Keyin lets you know when your children return home safe.

* Real time notification is sent only when the lock is opened by the Keyin app
* In order to receive all notifications, a Keyin Bridge must be connected. (to be launched)

02The Most Innovative Way of Opening

  • What if someone steals our password?
  • What if some hacks our fingerprints?
  • Why do we still need a password or fingerprint anyway? What happened to smart phones?

Keyin Smart Auto Open

To achieve this breakthrough entrance solution, Keyin uses Geofence technology.

When the user returns home and enters this virtual boundary, the lock automatically switches to standby mode.
And when the user approaches the lock it unlocks itself automatically.
No need for password anymore.

Smart Open
Just possess your smart phone key and the lock opens automatically
Smart Touch
Possess your smart phone key, gently touch the number pad and the lock opens without password.

Operation of Smart Open / Smart Touch can fail depending on the user’s smart phone and installation environments.

03Innovative Key Issuing & Key Manager

  • What if I want to issue a temporary key to my friend for my home party?
  • I don’t want to share my unique password to real estate, but also do not have time to come home for visitors. What can I do?
  • I run a guest house. Is there an easier way to manage the rooms in a much smarter way?

Keyin One Touch Key Issuing

With Keyin app, users can issue 3 types of keys with one touch.
Also, it is simple to manage and change authorization of each keys.

Family Key
a fixed key for frequent users
Guest Key
a key issued for a certain period, certain day or time

Key issuing works remotely without the Keyin Bridge

04Simple Event Log

  • It’s 9 pm. Is my daughter back home?
  • When did I return home yesterday. Can’t remember for sure.

Event log of every security device in my home

With the event log, users can view status as well as trails of all events in the multiple devices they own.

* Events can be checked within Bluetooth range from the lock.
Keyin bridge is needed to access from remote areas. Separately sold. Scheduled for launch soon.

05Device in My Hand, Simple Setting

  • How do I change my password? I hate user manuals!
  • What functions do my lock have? I want to use it in full detail!

Using our Keyin app, setting and changing configuration of your Keyin Smart Lock is just as easy as any smart phone app.

* Events can be checked within Bluetooth range from the lock.
Keyin bridge is needed to access from remote areas. Separately sold. Scheduled for launch soon.

06And what makes all this possible, Keyin IoT Ecosystem

  • Can I manage all my security devices with one app, not separate app?
  • I want to add another security device. Will it be difficult?

All the devices are controlled
in the keyin application

Every Keyin device uses Bluetooth 5.0 with low energy and enhanced security.

We built a tiny chip to put in all our devices.
This way our devices can be connected with themselves and connected to your smart phone directly or remotely by using our Bluetooth-WiFi bridge.

* Bridge to launched soon.