• Starting the App
  • Unlocking / Locking
  • Setting (Registering a cardkey)
  • Inviting family & guest
  • Using the issued key
  • Smart Open & Touch
  • Viewing History


Please download the Keyin app (work only on Android 8.0 (or higher) / iOS 13.0 (or higher).

Android (Play store) Apple (App Store)
  • Check smartphone compatibility
    ※ Android OS 8.0 or higher / iOS 13.0 or higher
  • ※ This manual is applied to all Keyin door locks.

Download the app and register your device (including signup)

  • Notes for email verification for signup : Please check on mobile !!
  • Only one smart device can be registered in the smart lock.
  • If the smart lock is already registered in the smartphone, the device cannot be searched.
  • You can add users through family invitations or guest invitations.
  • When inviting as a family, the user is given full access to the door lock, so please be careful when inviting

Unlocking / Locking

Door Lock setting

When the app and the smart lock are connected, the door lock setting button( )is activated on the 'Access' screen.

Changing the door lock password / Registering the card key

  • Please note that when re-registering the card key, all previously registered card keys are automatically deleted.

Door lock automatic lock setting / volume setting / guest password use setting

  • Guest password : Please note when re-registering the card key, all previously registered card keys are automatically deleted.

Inviting Family

  • Users who are registered as 'family' are given all the right to use the door lock, so please be careful when inviting.

Inviting guests (Issue key by Keyin app / Issue key by temporary password)

Inviting guests (Issue key by Keyin app - recommended)

Inviting guests (Issue key by temporary password)

  • Please note that the issued password cannot be deleted or modified during the access period.
  • Password issuance is possible only when the access period is set to '1 to 42 days or less'.
  • To prevent access with the guest password after inviting guests, set 'Door lock settings > Guest password' to Disabled.

Change of access period

Using the issued key

Family key

Guest key (changing the photo)

Invited link(URL) unavailable

Required settings

This is essential for using the Smart Open/Touch function.
If the Smart Open/Touch function does not work properly, please check the following.

1) Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile data of the smartphone must be turned on.
2) Please allow GPS permission ‘always’
3) Please allow ‘The battery usage optimization (power saving) will not be optimized’
4) Keep the App running in the background
  - When the app is closed in the background, Smart function does not work.

Android users can lock apps in the background list as shown below.

  • ① Touch the background list at the bottom left of the screen
    • ② Touch the icon
    • ③ Touch 'Lock the app'
    • ④ Check the status

Smart Open & Touch

What is the Smart Open?

Using the Smart Open

Using the Smart Touch

Viewing History